Our Products

side-imgWe can’t compete with big box building supply stores, and we don’t try. We don’t have nails, or insulation, or paint. What we do have is high quality softwood lumber, all milled from trees harvested within about 30 miles of Milford. Because we’re small, we can often cut just what you need, whether it be joists, beams, siding or floorboards. Call ahead if you need something special.

If you’re a woodlot owner, perhaps you would like to talk about a selective harvest on your land. Sustainable forest management such as what we use on our own land helps maintain healthy forests and yields a harvest about every fifteen years.

Nothing we harvest goes to waste. We provide sawdust and shavings to local farmers, all-natural bark mulch for homeowners, and cordwood for those who heat with wood. Some people use our woodchips for landscaping or playgrounds, too, although most of them go for paper.