Wilkins Lumber Company, Inc.

Native wood products for the Souhegan Valley since 1808

Welcome to the Website of Wilkins Lumber Company. 

We are a small, family-owned lumber mill located in Milford, New Hampshire.

We offer log-to-lumber service, beginning with selective harvesting for local timberland owners. As this is New Hampshire, most of the lumber we produce is hemlock and pine.


Wilkins Lumber Company

P.O. Box 393

Amherst, New Hampshire 03031

To contact us:

Phone: 603-673-2545

Fax: 603-249-9775

E-mail: info <at> wilkinslumber.com

Wilkins Lumber Company

495 Mont Vernon Road

Route 13 North

Milford, New Hampshire 03055

To find us:

A large mulch pile awaits spring landscapers. You can barely see the sawmill buildings behind the pile!

Nothing goes to waste—the round edges get chipped and sent to the paper mills, the sawdust and shavings make great bedding for local cows and horses..


The logs roll on down to be sawed into all kinds of boards and dimension lumber.


Once the logs are trucked into our yard, we strip off the bark, which we grind into all-natural bark mulch for landscaping and weed control. No chemicals or dyes here.

debarked logs moving toward the saw

We hope after you’ve looked around a bit here, you’ll come see us in person.

Boards of various widths stacked in the finish shed

Some of the boards are sold rough, others are dried and then we plane them to make assorted finish types: planed 4 sides to v-match, shiplap and novelty siding.

We also make clapboards and wide-pine flooring.

Blizzard the mill catBoardyard with fall foliage